How to get noticed in the world of fashion blogging!

A fashion blog is a great way to showcase your style, build an online identity and of-course, earn! Years back, a fashion blog (personal style) was like a private photo album made public. But, definitions have changed, with great number of bloggers and greater number of readers. If you started a fashion blog months back, and want to build your readership fast and grow your blog's audience, you should keep certain things in mind to convert your blog from boring to engaging.

1. Restrict your personal info only to your introduction


Every new blogger has a list of blogs to follow. You enjoy reading your hero's personal life. But would you be interested in a blogger's personal life unless she has a couple of media coverages? You know what I mean to say, right? 
I am sure you will never even bother, infact it will bore you. So, add value to your post, don't add your personal life if you are a new bee.

2. Keep it short and crisp


The readers don't care about the story behind your pants or earrings. They are lazy, and escape reading most of the time. Most of them read the first 2 lines, and if they find any value there, they continue to read, otherwise they straight away move to pictures. So, as a beginner, keep the write up short, crisp and to the point. Anything unnecessary might bore the readers, and probably they will switch to their work if it's too boring to handle.

3. Don't count numbers


Every new blogger tends to count the number of likes, comments, followers, pageviews and what not. If you just started blogging, try to overlook statistics, and focus on your content. A new bee needs atleast an year to know, what is their blog actually about, is it a personal style blog, a celebrity fashion blog, or a mixed bag. So you should start with a motive to build great content, not great numbers. Numbers come naturally if you have value to add.

4. Avoid overdose of social media advertising


Posting pictures on social media every hour might irritate the few readers you have, so to keep them intact advertise your blog appropriately. You should build a pattern of posting. For instance, posting thrice a day on social websites and writing a new post twice a week, is a decent frequency. Or you can follow your hero's pattern, all the successful bloggers generally follow a fixed pattern of posting. 

5. Don't imitate


There are fashionistas who are already running successful blogs. Instead of imitating, try to learn from their work. Study the style of 2-3 bloggers you follow, pick techniques from each of them and then build your own voice. You need to study, analyze and then build.

6. Don't shy away from commenting on your competitor's posts


This is one of the most crucial exercises that a new bee needs to do. Appreciating others work by posting comments is not only helping them, but it's giving you exposure. Every successful blogger always respects his audience's comments and replies back appropriately, You never know when your hero becomes your own follower. Comments are the strongest attention seeker.

7.  Build powerful headlines


Headline is the first thing that attracts attention, a powerful headline will always force readers to read the post. Make them think "I have to read that, right now!" Headlines should generate curiosity. Compare the two headlines - 

"Things you should do as a fashion blogger"

and the same headline written as

"How to get noticed in the world of fashion blogging"

You might ignore the first one as it falls flat but the second headline definitely gets your attention.

8. Chose your words wisely


All fashion bloggers have almost similar things to write, but what makes your blog post unique, is your style of putting things in words and your interaction with readers. Write your posts more like a conversation than a monologue. And try to add influences from celebrities, fashion editors or even your favorite blogger. It helps readers to build an image in their mind. Along with it, add a pinch your your own personality to your posts. It gives them a uniqueness and makes your blog distinct.

All the things I have mentioned above prove to be magical when put in action.
Put them to use and watch your blog grow immediately.


  1. Agree with each one...might only add..b consistent n hav patience... Lovely post

    1. yes dear, you are absolutely right! patience and consistency are another key requirements :)