DIY Elbow Patches

Are you bored of an old sweater or sweatshirt that you bought ages back and have dumped it in your wardrobe? I have an easy way out to make the same sweatshirt interesting again. Give it a twist by adding elbow patches to it. Its super-simple and fun to do. Just go through the below steps.

You can go for a heart, oval, diamond, or any other shape. You can even chose the material of the patch. It can be sequin, leather, felt, wool, cotton, or any other. You can also go for a studded patch.

 Sequin heart patch

Sequin oval patch

 Felted elbow patch
Studded elbow patches

Leather elbow patch

Plaid elbow patch

If you know knitting, you can knit your elbow patch or get it done from your grandma

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