The Quest for perfect ankle shoes ends here!

It's already December and mercury is falling everyday. Sun is playing a hide and seek game here in Delhi. The day I see sun, I want to sing the advertisement song "Sunshine waali dhupp umeedo wali asha" :)

Anyway, winter has its own excitement as there are things you get to do only in winters, like wearing your ankle high shoes and boots. With a pair of statement shoes, you don't have to worry about the dress that you will pair them with, Even a simple sweater, ripped jeans and a chunky necklace will do if your shoes are enough to get you noticed and what can better serve the purpose than a pair of ankle shoes. I feel ankle shoes can be worn all round the year (minus combats), so I end up buying more of ankle length than a knee length or thigh high that can only be worn in winters. Even 10 pairs of ankle shoes can be less for a mad shopaholic because a good shoe is priceless for elevating a look, adding some panache and ofcourse turning heads.

Whether you are on a hunt to update your collection, or buy a pair to attend a friend's party, I have assembled the best of ankle shoes from high street brands, to give you plenty of options to chose from.

The mesh ankle shoes are from Topshop, wear them with an LBD or skinny pants, they are surely going to rock your outfit.

If you already have enough of black in your shoe wardrope, what about these denim blue shoes from Topshop?
Another pair of mesh shoes, these are from Zara.
A kind of vintage wedge heel ankle shoes, from Aldo, meant to be worn with a midi or pencil skirt.
These ankle shoes from H&M with lace details will add elegance to any outfit you wear.
A pair of Bohemian shoes from Zara, are fit for ripped jeans, or a funky shorts with tights (it's winters you cannot skip tights)
These roman ankle length flats are again from zara, fold your pants, and flaunt your shoes.
To add ladylike elegance to your outfit, wear these sock style ankle shoes, yet again zara.

Finally, a pair not from Zara, they are from Steve Madden, love the color, combat boots meant for a bold outfit.
Zara-moonlighting-as-Proenza Schouler, if you follow international blogs, you can link them easily.
These stunning beauties from zara, can be worn with anything and everything.
These ones are a little high, so don't wear them to a dance party ;) and zara is making really good shoes these days or I should say there are not many high street brands in India making good shoes.
This tough pair can help you climb mountains, but please don't waste them, they can make a style statement too. (Zara)

 I love the quilted detailing of the ankle shoes, are you ready to rock any party with these zara beauties?

It's hard for me to decide a favorite among all, but which one is your favorite?

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