Cosmetic Shopping!

Most of us have the best of cosmetics in terms of lip shades, foundations, nail paints et all. But there are a certain products that we ignore or skip buying. Here is my list of products that I cannot manage without.

1. M.A.C. Eye and Makeup remover - This small red bottle is my all time savior after returning from parties. After the heavy makeup sessions, its very difficult to remove the layers of makeup from eyes and lips. Normally you are left with coal spots under the eye and dried, rough lips. But it is very easy to clean eyes and clear lips with this remover. Moreover, even if it goes into the eyes, it will not irritate. Only one wipe takes it all. Above all, the bottle is traveling friendly. I totally love it.

2. The Buffer Brush - First time, I applied foundation myself, was to a cousin's wedding. And it was really difficult for me to smudge it evenly. Then I found this magical brush called the 'Buffer Brush'. It spreads the foundation so evenly that I myself wonder. I am using buffer brush by Vega. It is also available in M.A.C., but M.A.C. brushes are way too expensive.

3. Toner - The deep dust into the pores cannot come out without the toner. Lancome and Shiseido make good toners. Shiseido even have an acetone free version for sensitive skins.

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