Story of The Style Potpourri

Finally, I am here with a post on how I started The Style Potpourri.

I got married last year to my high school sweetheart. Before getting married, I used to work with an MNC. I left the job soon after I got engaged. And, after that my wedding preparations kept me quite busy. So the long hours that I earlier spent in office, were now being spent in markets. 

Soon, after marriage, I went on my honeymoon and after returning back, the dinner invitations and other parties kept me busy. When this phase got over, I had one job in hand, and that was to engage in my favorite thing in the whole world i.e. fashion, which was a part time job when I was a full time consultant. Fashion and Google, became food for my soul. Although, from the very first day of my job as a software consultant, I regret not pursuing a course in fashion. But now, I decided to do something about it. 

Just then, my best-est friend got engaged and moved to Delhi. And our loooong conversations resumed. And like always, she started insisting me to pursue my passion.

After hours of discussions, I finally decided to pen my thoughts and knowledge in the form of a fashion blog. And so, The Style Potpourri was born.

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