Wedding Special!!

As the wedding season is approaching, I thought of writing some posts for the brides-to-be. So, this post is dedicated to all the girls who are going to get wed soon.

There is this notion in every bride to be' s mind that the 2 day pre - bridal session just before the wedding will get you all the glow and glamor for d-day. But such changes need time, they don't happen overnight. So, it has to start as early as you get engaged (at least 3 months). And here are some of the tips you can follow -

1. Try to take a monthly facial from a good salon. If possible, get a good beauty package according to your skin type from a skin clinic like Kaya or VLCC. They help you get that perfect skin for your d-day.
P.S. Avoid taking their so-called pre-bridal packages. They will dig holes in your pocket.

2. A good diet is must to include in your daily regime. If you cannot follow a fixed diet plan, atleast make sure to drink 4 liters of water and lots of juice everyday.

3. Hair is another point of concern. Due to so many blow dryers during bridal make overs, hair gets extremely damaged after wedding. So if you start hair care early, you can avoid the damage. Monthly hair spa or weekly oil massages are good to start early.

4. Try to eat atleast 5 color fruits and dry fruits everyday. In summers, soak the dry fruits in water overnight.

5. Follow the daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day, before going to bed and
 after taking a bath. This is the best food for skin. Go for good toners, like Lancome, Clinique or Shiseido. If your skin is very sensitive, use shiseido's acetone free softner

6. Last but not the least, the best drug ever invented to look beautiful is smile. Stay happy and stay blessed!



  1. Thnkz dear for dis information..!!
    Bt Komal I hve heard dat after going to VLCC or Kaya ,they r gud for ur skin for a tym being, aftr some tym they damadge ur skin...
    Is it true..??I need ur opinion..

  2. Hi Deepti,
    These treatments don't harm the skin as such. But, if your skin is too sensitive, do mention it to the beautician before starting any thing.
    And you need to care a lot to make the effects long lasting. Sun exposure is totally not affordable.
    Do let me know if you want to know any other details.