Shopping Destination Review - Ornate Hauz Khas Village

I usually visit Ornate whenever I am in Hauz Khas Village. They sell all kinds of Indian wear for women and they have three more stores, Dori in Ashok Vihar, Ornate in Shahpur Jat and, another one (I don't know the name of their third and oldest store which they have opened at their residence itself) in B.D. Estate (near North Campus)
Since Dori is closest to my place, I generally shop from there. Ornate, I visit for window shopping (girls cannot live without it ;)). Their outfits are inspired from Sabyasachi. You will find colors from the brightest sunlight orange to dull steal grey in their collection. So, it is a place for all. Here is an explicit review.

  • 1. The collection is really nice with a lot of variety to chose from.
  • 2. Though they are located in Hauz Khas, still their outfits are very well priced (they give you value for money).
  • 3. The best thing I find about the outfits is the contemporary touch with traditional flavors. For instance, I remember a plaid saree, with dabka embroidery, and it was really very beautiful. Though, I did not buy, because I already have a plaid saree in my wardrobe.
  • 4. They will even customize an outfit for you.

  • 1. They have a very limited collection of lehengas and suits. They should make more of both.
  • 2. Sometimes, their outfits are an exact replica of Sabyasachis'.

If you have visited this store already, do leave a comment below, sharing your experience! I would love to know your personal review.

Collection at Dori, Ashok Vihar

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