Add glamor to a basic TEE

There is no doubt that T-shirt is a wardrobe staple and there is so much to experiment with a basic T-shirt. But most of my T-shirt experiments fail badly. So, whenever I see somebody doing justice to it, I really get impressed, because I am not a T-shirt friendly girl. It is easy to wear a crop top and flaunt your style statement but, difficult to get noticed in a basic T-shirt. Here are some of the ways that can add glamor to your very basic t-shirt.

 I am glad to see how this girl has turned a very-very basic T-shirt worth noticing. Adding a pair of geek round glasses is the best thing she has done. Her glasses bravely compliment the look. Another point of focus is the large sized clutch. I love the colors she has chosen. Sunshine colors on top, add the right amount of brightness. And the white pants is an intelligent move. Black would have stolen the fun factor. Barely any accessories, just a black sporty watch to finish out.

Another basic T-shirt look that is full of accessories. Here the crochet shorts steals the show. And the layered bangles compliment the shorts. Love the layering.

 Another way to wear a basic t-shirt, add on suspenders. I love the use of grey in between earthy colors. It gives the waaow factor to the look.

Instead of suspenders, you can also add a statement belt. I love the gold belt.

Last, but not the least, keep everything basic and minimal. Sometimes, you can pull off a look, without any add -ons.

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