Oxblood is the new black?

OXBLOOD is a color considered to be dark shade of red. It resembles burgundy but has more purple and dark brown hues. It is sometimes referred to as wine - This is how Wikipedia defines oxblood.

It also says that the use of oxblood has grown tremendously in year 2013. My rule book says, when usage of a color increases highly in a given period of time, the color should be the new black of the season.

Although I felt very dissappointed after looking at the Grazia's November cover picture. Not because Sonakshi Sinha was wearing an oxblooded outfit, but it was the same burberry outfit that has already been spotted on other celebrities and bloggers. Fashion magazine covers are supposed to inspire celebrites and bloggers, it's not the other way round.

Anyway, the last fashion week, had hardly any sightings of the color but I think the coming ones will have a lot many. And I am waiting to see the color on Indian ramps, atleast the young designers who have given a new ray of hope to western clothing in India are expected to use the color.

If you want to buy it for this season, you will have to rush to DLF Emporio Mall (Delhi), the luxury brands have it in stock or the one stop destination Zara. Or you can even buy it at the style fiesta store. Masoom Minawala was spotted in an oxblooded leather skirt during fashion week and it was from her own store.

The Burberry heart print dress is a tonic for eyes but I have seen the best sightings of the color on my favorite blogger, Nausheen Shah. She has done the right justice to it. I was flattered at her outfit. She has not added any other color in the whole look, I can't stop watching at her pictures.

So, are you going to buy this color soon?

P.S. - After reading this post my dear husband asked me is this the piyazi (onion-ish) color. Boys just have three primary colors in their dictionary, Burgundy and Crimson both are red for them.

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