Shopping makes me super healthy @ Zara & Forever 21

A day spent well is a day I shop. And yesterday was a day spent well ;)

Yes, shopped so much yesterday, like ghosts! Do ghosts shop? Well, I don't know about all of them, but female ghosts do!

I did my first winter shopping yesterday, though din't buy any winter-y stuff, but November is already here, and stores are full of coats, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts. So, I guess, when the circumstances around you are such, shopping is supposed to be categorized in winter shopping.

My first haul was ofcourse, zara and zara was full of crop tops and crop tops. Blazers and Jackets, were not in plenty, according to zara standards.

I picked a couple of pieces from the store and headed to Forever 21. 

I started browsing skirts and maxis as I am longing to buy them since long and finally found one for me. Headed to look for more, and found a couple of more things.

Finally, when I headed to the billing section,

waiting for me was a beautiful surprise

The maxi was on sale. The INR 1,700 maxi was for INR 500. Yes, you read it right, 500! Rest of the stuff was not on sale :(

This is what I wore. The jacket is from Promod, pants and shoes from Zara and bag from Louis Vuitton.

I loved the peach cardigan at zara. 

Another selfie in the trial room.

You were looking for the maxi pictures, right? Sorry! I don't have one. But, I will definitely share it with you soon.

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