The Style Potpourri's Instagram diaries!

It was a great week for The Style Potpourri, not only because the blog got so many new readers, but a lot many new writers as well. If you still haven't checked the first post by a guest writer, you can check it now.

Now coming to my Instagram diaries, although I already gave a clue about it on Facebook, but for all those who still don't know - Have you checked the latest cover photos of The Style Potpourri's Facebook Page? It has so many new faces, that you haven't seen on our blog yet. They are the people who have been featured on the blog's Instagram page this week for their amazing outfits. 

I have been doing this for more than a week now, and the overwhelming response that I got, has motivated me to continue. So, people do keep mailing me your outfits.

Here is a sneak peek to some of the great outfits that I posted on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram for your daily fashion inspiration, or check the blog every Friday for the whole week's Instagram diary.

All the pictures I featured are of random people, some are bloggers, others are designers, and rest are hard core fashion lovers. Girls, mailing me your pictures, you never know, you might be somebody's fashion inspiration. Everyone has atleast one person who inspires them. Who is your inspiration? I will soon share my list.

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