Plaid plague! by Dhwani

Dhwani Kathotia is from Bangalore, and writes a fashion blog, My Little Cupboard, along with her sister Chahat. They both claim to be borderline shopaholics and love all things fashion. They share a secret love for street shopping and their blog is all about easy styling.

We love Dhwani's plaid bottom and her way of styling a super feminine skirt with an easy-breezy-basic-white T-shirt. It (the t-shirt) keeps eyes glued to her skirt. Keeping the look accessory-free is another game she has played in gathering attention to her skirt. 

P.S. - Want to steal her ballerinas, Dhwani, keep them safe ;)

Check out her blog for more - MLC Diaries

Skirt - Asos
Top - Zara
Shoes - Thailand
Bracelets - Primark

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