If all else fails, grab a denim shirt!

If you think denim shirt is a trend that is too tough for you, then let me present the best street style examples to the contrary.  They are super-wearable yet so trendy and can inspire any style-driven shopper. Have a look.

This over-sized denim shirt with the dhoti inspired pants looks so casual yet eye pleasing. The necklace adds a lady-like elegance to the look and top knot is a cherry on top.

She combines a denim shirt with a sheer hemline skirt, and a statement hat. The belt transforms the outfit from flat to fantastic.

 A perfect denim on denim look, with the roughed shorts. Sporty, it is!

I love the draping of the shirt in this look, the peek a boo Mickey adds fun to it.

The denim shirt adds a sassy finish to a very casual dress. It blends in so flawlessly and boosts up the look.

Image Courtesy - Pinterest

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