Wedding Lehenga shopping in Chandni Chowk

Are you are going crazy over your wedding lehenga, and have already searched a thousand boutiques but finally planning to land in chandni chowk? But you don't know where to start from after getting off the metro?
They are thousands of lehenga shops in Chandni Chowk. And I know it is very difficult for a bride-to-be to search each and every shop because the market is huge and full of people who are in such a hurry that they will push you to run faster.
Don't stress out so much, you don't need to visit so many shops. My favorite wedding blogger, thedelhibride has already done an amazing post on

 'where to shop bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk' 

Check it out here.

In addition to the shops mentioned by her, I know one more good place to check out for your wedding or a pre-wedding ceremony, Shringar. They have a nice collection, not the typical chandni chowk types.

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