Spotting 'Street Style'

What do you do when you see a girl or a guy on street dressed up differently? They make your head turn! You want all the information about their statement pieces - where to shop, price and so on! But you will never go and ask them. And the worse part is you cannot even Google it.

So, The Style Potpourri is here with a new section that covers the best of street style. This section features different people who stand out in crowd by their covet dressing sense. Get inspired by their choices, know about their shopping destinations, learn from their experiments, and more.

You can check my first street style post here.

If you wish to get featured in this section and show off your street style, send in you pictures at and check next morning, you might be a street inspiration for the rest.

P.S. - You can send in pictures of Indian looks as well.

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