Welcome to 'The Wedding'

Recently, one of my friends approached me to help her out with her trousseau shopping in Delhi. She gave me an idea of her taste and a list of requirements, so that I can suggest her the best places to shop in Delhi. While compiling all the information, my dimag ki batti lit up. And, I thought of doing this through my blog.

Yes, you are right, I am coming up with a wedding section on The Style Potpourri to help brides-to-be to have the best of wedding.

Since, I got married an year and a half back, I know what a bride has to go through while planning her own wedding. But if you have a whole lot of ideas on paper and you just have to pick one from the best, the effort zeroes down to almost nil. You know what you want and where you will get it.

So, I am here to make your wedding planning a roller coaster ride. I will regularly post about anything and everything that might help you from 'where to shop your dream outfits' to 'how to store them'. You can also ask me anything you want to know, I will try to answer all your queries either through posts or email if required.


P.S. - Wedding is an additional section, the previous section of every day fashion will continue along with it.

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