Trousseau Planning - Its Important!!

I got engaged in October and my wedding was scheduled in April, I had a good half year to shop my trousseau. So, after my roka on October 30th, I started planning my trousseau shopping by jotting down things I need to buy before I step into a completely new life. The whole November I spent on searching and researching the best places to shop. And stepped in markets in December. With the list in my hand, it was easy to concentrate on the shops I need to visit and things I should pick.
The list was my saviour, and the chechked items were my stress buster :).

It was the best planning I ever did in my life.
So, if you want to skip the efforts of brainstorming, please drop me a mail or a comment, and  I will share the list with you. You can customize it according to your personal requirements.

P.S. - Dont forget to get the list xeroxed. Most of the times, it gets lost or you forget it at one of the shops.

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