What is a blog!

I have been writing this blog since the past 2 months and I am getting a pretty good response. But blogging culture in India is in its developing phase. People are still not aware of what is a blog. So, what else can serve the purpose better than a post about it. Here is the basic information of what is a blog.

1. What is a blog?
A highly interactive website on which an individual ( or a group of users) shares opinions and information on a REGULAR basis.

2. What is a blog post?
The opinions and information on the blog are published in form of blog posts.

3. Who is a blogger?
The person who owns the blog and writes posts is a blogger.

4. What is a fashion blog?
A blog that covers fashion trends, street style, celebrity style, and personal style is a fashion blog.

Since the basic notes have been shared, I move on to some additional points.

5. How can you interact with the blogger?
The best way to interact with the blogger is through comments on posts. Though, there are other ways too, like emails, facebook messages et al.

6. How does a blogger gets motivated?
A blogger wants his/her readers' inputs at every step. Comments and likes are the only source of motivation for the blogger. They help him/her to judge the posts.

7. How to keep yourself updated about the posts and other blog updates?
You can subscribe to the blog posts by sharing your email address and you will be informed about new posts via emails. You can also follow through Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ .

If you have any other question in your mind, please leave a comment below or email me at komalgoel.5@gmail.com

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