Trousseau Tips!!

Trousseau shopping is the only time when a girl gets the chance to completely revive her wardrobe. And its a whole new experience because, before that we have never worried about the Indian clothes. Even when there is a wedding at home, and we have to buy a couple of Indian dresses, our moms always took us to her own favorite places and we have to select from a dozen of pieces.

But, for your own trousseau, when Indian clothes have all the attention, leaving the denims behind, you cannot just go to your moms' favourite places. You want to have one of each kind of dresses. Besides choosing the most beautiful wedding lehenga, the regular saree and suit shopping is another big target to achieve. So, here I come with some of the ideas to make your trousseau glamorous and above all, make sure that it does not get dumped into the wardrobe.

1. Never shop a lot from the same place or the same boutique. It, usually, makes the collection monotonous. Because, every store has a specialty of their own, so,you cannot get everything at one place.

2. Try to include all colors in your collection. Do not go for reds and reds because all reds get dumped in the bed box. After a few months you want to come out of reds.

3. Do include a couple of silks. The silks I am talking about are not the authentic kanjivarams that our grandma used to have. Instead go for a contemporary silk saree. You can check out for raw mango's silks. They have nice collections.

4. A universal golden blouse is a must have. They go with most of the sarees, so you can skip buying blouses for some of your sarees.

5. Instead of buying a matching footwear with every outfit or the wedding lehenga, go for a gold and silver footwear. The bridal footwears are only for D-day. You have to dump after some time. But a gold and silver can be worn later as well.

6. While buying jewellery, the most expensive part of your shopping, special care must be taken. Don't buy anything that you can wear only on the d-day. That is the most stupid and expensive buy.

7. Lastly, do not buy all the cosmetics before the wedding, leave things for later. M.A.C. will not shut down their stores after your wedding. So, if you are not used to heavy make ups (like me), buy only the necessary products. Once you get used to them, you can buy advanced range.

Right now, I can think of only these tips, I will keep updating further. Let me know if there is any secret tip that you are following or have followed for your trousseau shopping. I would love to include it here.


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