5 Golden Trousseau Essentials

Most of my Indian outfits have a touch of gold or silver in them. We, Indians cannot do without it. A newly wed has to have these two colors in her wardrobe. However, while buying the outfits we tend to forget certain things that we need to pair with these bling bling dresses. Here is a list of five golden things that a bride-to-be must buy when she wants to look the best as all the relatives have their eyes stuck on you and they will not stop until they have scanned from top (hairpin) to bottom (footwear).

1. Golden Blouse - Ninety percent of the newly weds gain weight just after wedding.I feel it happens because of the dinner invitations every other day. And the relatives shower all their love by making you eat more than your appetite. The result is some extra kilos. The problem does not end here. Infact, it starts when you are getting ready for another dinner and the blouse you want to wear does not fit.
For all such occasions, you need a blouse that goes well with amost every saree so that you need to alter only one blouse everytime. I bought a golden sequinned blouse and it is my savior till now.

2. Golden Clutch - Any outfit is incomplete without a clutch. Not only it acts as an on the go make up kit  but also prevents a careless person like me to forget cell phones at every second place. Punching up the outfit is an additional benefit you get.

3. Golden Watch - However heavy a saree or a suit may be, I prefer wearing a watch unless I am going to attend a close relative's wedding.  And a watch that is both gold and silver can be worn with any outfit. So make it a point to include one in your trousseau.

4. Comfortable Golden Heels - Number of footwears, I would like to own is infinite. In this case, more is always less. But a pair of comfortable golden heels is what I wore with most of my outfits just after the wedding.

5. A Golden cuff or a bracelet - For me, accessorizing wrist is the most difficult part of getting ready. But a golden bracelet makes it super easy when you have to rush to a party or you don know what to wear.  It is definitely the safest option.

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  1. fabulous selection, love the array of Gold and Glitter, a must !
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